Ever watched a horror movie without sound? (BCM215 Pitch, Blog)

The importance of both sound and music in films, but also video games is regularly overlooked. It’s so proffesional that you don’t even know it’s producing such a magical experience behind the action. “The background music has been proved to be an indispensable part in every successful video game. At the same time, all the video game designers and players hope video games could be as immersive as possible.” (Zhang/Fu, 2015).

With this idea of immersion from video game music in mind, I aim to have this Digital artefact teach people the wonders it creates, the emotions it evokes, and how it has evolved in such successful video games. The recent games I have been enjoying include the many Pokemon games available for experience. Therefore, I believe the franchise’s vast majority of sound tracks would be a great topic to prove the impact of music in video games. I do want to compare the music/sound design from Pokemon to another game in the horror genre; being Alien Isolation. This game is a survival based thriller where every sound, musical or not, keeps you on edge. I think this nail bitting thriller would be another great example to compare the emotion evoked, and most importantly music’s practical contribution in video games.

Some ideas I have for my Digital artefact include investigation into Foley artists, which produce 100% of all sounds you hear whilst experiencing a video game. These professionals use/create such amazing sounds from things you’d never think would be practical, and make a soundscape that creates belief that the world you are immersed in; is in-fact real. Furthermore, I want to delve into the instruments used and what ones have been introduced over time, as well as their effect through their timbre, and dynamics. I aim to have many more ideas and topics to speculate on in my podcast, below are some sources I have already delved into to begin and structure my teaching techniques, as-well as broaden my own knowledge.

References –

Zhang, Juliun and Fu, Xiaoqing, 2015, “The Influence of Background Music of Video Games on Immersion”, Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy, Last viewed 8/08/19.

Click to access the-influence-of-background-music-of-video-games-on-immersion-2161-0487-1000191.pdf

Further links for research –

The Impact of Music in Video Games


Deconstructing: The Battle Music of Pokemon Red and Blue


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