DA Project Beta

In continuation of my previous idea For a Digital Artefact (DA), my project has furthered in progress to completion, being completely set up for the podcasts. With the things discussed and added below, I will be recording the podcasts in the next week or two on my Soundcloud.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ricky-joseski

To skim over topics covered in the 4 minute video pitch attached below, additions to my DA include Battlefield 1 being assessed, the featuring of Jacob Sundgren and Jared Woodham on the podcast, as well as the main clips I will be discussing (Linked under video).

Main points I want to discuss for the process of this pitch is the public interaction, and further research. Firstly, due to not having any podcasts recorded, even a demo, I took to social media (Facebook) to ask people of any games that come to mind based off the soundtrack experience. With 33 comments and 8 private messages, I had an overwhelming response to how much of a role game music had for players based on the “suspense, nostalgia, excitement” of the games they were so in love with. As a result, this as it is to me shows a clear and undeniable proof that game soundtracks have immense importance in video games. The question, comments and private messages can all be seen in the pitch video above.

Finally, some further potential areas of research have been discovered by myself. An economic view on the impact of game music is one, based on reviews of game music relating to sales. Also a political view, in terms of ratings placed on games where the music syncs with overly violent scenes in games that can lead to banning. Links below are potential sources, a continuation to my other research on the first pitch.





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