Round 2 of Comments

This week I reviewed 3 different Pitch’s for my class mates Digital Artefact Beta’s. These pitches were; Sophie Leathers, and her analysis of the surfing game YouRiding and whether it teaches surfing skills, Caliem Kostiuk, and his research on why Skyrim portrays what a great RPG is, and Paris Katrivesis, and her idea of gaming addiction with research on fortnite and Minecraft. This will be my critical reflection on what I commented on for each post, and most importantly how I can improve for future commentary. 
I attempted to be as constructive as possible whilst trying to give both positive and negative comments, in addition with helpful articles. For Sophie, I noticed she really took her public feedback to good use, really sculpting her work around opinions, and realisations from her original pitch. I did however want to ensure she knew where she could improve and for me that was her feedback being talked about more. I think I could have improved my comment by maybe making the intro/praise on her beta more concise with less ranting. 
For Cailem, again I attempted to give him the positive features of his beta to begin. I wanted to acknowledge his lack of procrastination, and his great analytic framework topics. The only thing I found I could offer to him was actually having public feedback as he had no external opinions on the topic, and nothing to edit his final DA with. I feel like I could have given more detailed articles and academic resources to Claim, I struggled to think of anything.  
Last but not least, I found Paris’s Beta extremely thorough, therefore stating positive feedback about her lack of procrastination with her videos already started and planned. She really hit all the right points in the beta which lead me to struggle finding any supportive feedback; therefore being something I could’ve improved on in my comment.

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